2017 Turn Around Awards

At the board meeting on Monday, May 8th, the board recognized the students who were nominated for the 2017 Turn Around Awards. Every year, each school nominates one student who has shown the most growth or improvement in their school. Students may be recognized for attendance, academic growth, leadership or any number of attributes that their teachers, counselors, and principals notice through the year.

The recipients for 2017 are:

Chamberlain, Fatima Aguilar, 5th Grade

Chandler, Kimberly Morraz-Tapia, 5th Grade

Goshen High School, Jordan Charles, 12th Grade

Goshen Middle School, Keisha Adkins, 8th Grade

Merit Learning Center, Josh Clark, 12th Grade

Model, Kealea Winnett, 5th Grade

Parkside, Eryck Dionisio Hernandez, 5th Grade

Prairie View, Daniel Moyer, 3rd Grade

Waterford, Frida Luna-Gallegos, 5th GradeĀ  (Unable to be at the school board meeting.)

West Goshen, Caleb Hepner, 5th Grade

Congratulations to our 2017 Turn Around Award winners, and thank you for all of your hard work!