Goshen High School Academic Programs

Academics are at the heart of everything we do at Goshen High School. We firmly believe that every child, given time and support, can and will learn.  Our Student Counseling department works individually with students to create an academic plan that allows them to set goals, create a pathway to success, and graduate in four years potentially with college credit, workplace certifications, and a sense of accomplishment that will lead them to a great future.

We are a diverse school, and our students have diverse needs. Over the years, Goshen High School has had more National Merit Scholars and more ENL (English as a New Language) students than any other high school in Elkhart County.  We take pride in our rigorous coursework, highly trained teachers, and innovative techniques in learning.

Starting in the 2023-2024 school year and also in line with the Indiana state graduation requirements, GHS brought some new and exciting opportunities to our high school students.  Students preparing for college will now be able to potentially earn an associate’s degree through RedHawks University.  Those students needing an extra boost of support will be involved in our Early College program.  Our students who are preparing for trades and the workforce will be able to do so in our impressive manufacturing & engineering labs as well as our new Chandler Career and Technical Education Center.  And thanks to generous contributions from the City of Goshen and the Greater Goshen Association, we will be able to continue growing these programs for many years to come.

If your student is looking to get hands-on work experience, our Interdisciplinary Cooperative Education program works with local employers to provide safe and educational internships and apprenticeships.  Students will work anywhere from 6-15 hours a week gaining valuable experience at businesses such as Lippert Components, Goshen Health, Weiland Designs, and many more.

We also have alternative educational programs for students who desire or require a different learning environment.  Our Goshen Alternative Program (GAP) is located at the new Chandler Career and Technical Education Center.  GAP provides various options for students who are not finding success in a traditional classroom, but have the desire and aptitude to complete their high school education.

For our students who come to us from other countries and need assistance, we have the English as a New Language (ENL) Department.  ENL helps ensure the academic success of students who come from a home in which English is not the primary language. In a school represented by over 15 language groups, we employ teachers, collaborators, and an academic and attendance advisor who strive to ensure that all students acquire knowledge and apply skills – enhancing tomorrow’s opportunities.

And for those students who have special needs, our excellent Special Education Department is here to provide a continuum of services. These services are provided through functional skills classrooms, resource rooms, collaboration with general education classrooms, and consultation with general education instructors.  The intricacies of our present society along with rapid technological changes in industry mandate that the Special Education program furnish a curriculum, which will meet the individual educational as well as the vocational transition needs of our students.

Whatever your student’s academic needs are, Goshen High School has them covered.  We know that every student can succeed and will do whatever it takes to support them.  Thank you for choosing Goshen High School and becoming a RedHawk!