FAQ’s for Freshmen Scheduling

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The Basics

Q:  Do they have trimesters at the high school?
A:  No, the school year is divided into two semesters: August-December & January-May

Q:  How will I know who my counselor is?
A:  Counselors are divided alphabetically by last name and stay with you all 4 years:
Mrs. Kroening:  A-B    Mrs. Schrock:  C-GL   Mrs. Dickerson:  GM-MARQ    Mr. Post: MARR-RI  Mr. McLaughlin:  RJ-Z

Q:  How many classes do I need to sign up for?
A:  7 classes for each semester = 14 for the school year

Q:  What is a credit?
A:   A credit equals a passing grade (D- or above) for 1 semester of a class at GHS.  You must earn a minimum of 43 credits to graduate with a Core 40 diploma from high school.

Q:  How will I know what classes to sign up for?
A:  The GHS counselors will talk with you about this in November and again in January.

Q:  Will I get to choose ALL of my classes?
A:   Your GMS teachers will recommend the appropriate level for English, Math, and Science classes.  In January, GHS counselors will return to GMS.  You will receive a packet of information which explains the other required classes as well as electives (classes you can choose according to your interests/career plans – like Art, Engineering/Technology, etc.)

Q:  Do I need to take ALL Honors classers to earn an Academic Honors Diploma?
A:   No.  Please see the Indiana graduation requirements or check with your counselor.

Q:  Will my parents be coming to school to help me schedule?
A:   No, but you are encouraged to take home your scheduling sheets to talk with your parents or go to the Guidance/Student Services link on the GHS website at ghs.goshenschools.org to read about the classes you can choose.

Q:  Can I change my mind about what I picked for electives?
A:  GHS has to be done with ALL scheduling for ALL grades by mid-March.   You need to read about each class very carefully.  PLEASE GIVE US TWO ALTERNATE CHOICES AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SHEET in case the class fills up with upperclassmen.   Unless the elective you have chosen are full, you will be placed in the classes you have chosen.

Specific Areas

 High school credits earned at GMS:

Q:   If I am taking a high school class at GMS, do I earn high school credits?
A:   Yes!  If you successfully complete a World Language or Math class (usually Algebra I) at GMS, you will earn high school credit (usually 2 credits).  The grade will appear on your high school transcript – no choice.  If you do not like the grade you receive, you will need to retake the class at GHS, and that grade will replace the grade from GMS.

Physical Education Requirements:

Q:  How many semesters of Physical Education do I need to take?
A:   You need 2 semesters (credits) of Physical Education to graduate.

Q:   Can I go to summer school to get my Phys. Ed. Credits?
A:   If the School Board approves summer school and there are enough interested students, you may earn ONLY 1 of your PE credits. You may not take summer PE more than 1 time.  Summer PE at GMS usually costs $50, and there is no bus – you will need to find your own transportation.

Q:   Is there another way to get Physical Education credit?
A:   There are 6 ways to earn PE credit:
Take 1 semester of PE in summer school, and 1 during either semester of high school.

Take 2 semesters of PE during your freshman year (recommended) at GHS.

Participate in two seasons of any sports or Cheerleading anytime during your 4 years at GHS.  If you complete the sport/cheerleading in good standing, you will receive an “A” on your transcript.  You can only earn 2 credits in this way.  After 2, no credit is given.

Participate in one season of a sport and take 1 semester of PE.

Participate in two seasons of Marching Band.

Participate in Science in the Rockies for 1 credit.  The grade will go on your GHS transcript, and you will still need to earn the other credit in one of the ways above.

Q:  Can I take PE even if I am in a sport?
A:  Yes you can, but many students take Physical Development (weight lifting) or Fit & Feeling Good (overall fitness) to stay in shape IF THERE IS ROOM FOR FRESHMEN.

If you are NOT in a sport or cheerleading, you may not take Physical Development or Fit & Feeling Good until you earn 2 PE credits with a “B” or better grade.

Q:  Does Marching Band count for PE credit?
A:   No.  Band counts for a music credit only.  It does not count for a PE credit.