Planes, Busses and Automobiles

Thursday, March 30, the GHS Marine Biology group converged on the little town of Layton, Fl located on Long Key.  The ride was long for many in the group, roughly 28 hours.  Some opted to drive themselves and others flew.  But by 4:30 pm we were all here.

According to Mr. Weaver, this is the largest group he has brought here to Layton. Below is the group statistics.

  • 60 GHS students
  • 11 Northridge Students
  • 1 Marian High Student
  • 58 School staff and parent chaperones
  • 32 Children of staff and chaperones
  • 2 Bus drivers

That is a total of 164 people! About 30 more than previous years.  Thank goodness that amount of people didn’t scare Mr. Weaver off.

During the week students will be studying the marine life surrounding us as well as at the Coral Restoration Foundation and John Pennekamp State Park.  Follow us on the website for details on our daily activities and to see photos located here.  You can also follow our us on Twitter @GHSMarineBio, Facebook – GHS Marine Biology 43rd Year or Instagram -GHSMarineBio.

This trip takes hours and hours of planning and requires many willing hands to make it successful prior to even arriving.  Thanks to Carl Weaver and all of rest of you for allowing this 43rd year to commence.