Live feed of GHS Calf now available

This week, the Engineering Technology classes at GHS began working with a sweet little soon-to-be-named Hereford calf who was born on Friday, April 13th. The calf is a Dwarf, bred purposely to be miniature. But she was also born with birth defects, namely, she only has one digit per foot, and her back legs are different lengths and deformed. Her front legs are strong, but due to her back leg deformities, she is unable to walk on her own.  Her owners, Don and Nancy Shaum did not want to put her down, so they enlisted the help of Jen Yoder, and her Tech. Ed. classes at Goshen High School.

Mrs. Yoder has been bottle feeding the young calf and taking her back and forth to school with her each day, while her students work to plan and develop a prosthetic or trainer device to help the calf stand and walk.  They are also currently working on a sling solution to assist with feeding.

There will be several opportunities for collaborative work with the calf, including: Working with GHS science teacher Cathy DeMeyer’s classes to study the calf with regard to its biology and genetics; and Mrs. Yoder has also invited Fairfield High School’s Vet. Tech. class to be involved in studying the calf and offering input for her care.

As you can imagine, GHS students and staff are very excited about this project! If you would like to follow along with the students as they work to make this calf’s life a little easier, you may follow @GHSEngineerTech on Twitter. If you are interested, you may also check in on the calf while she is at GHS. There will be a webcam on her from 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. during the school day.

GHS is thankful to Don and Nancy Shaum for the opportunity for our students to work on this unique, real-world problem; especially when the subject is just so adorable! When the solution has been found for the calf’s mobility issues and she is able to stand and walk with the new device(s), she will return to the Shaum family where she will remain in their care as a beloved family pet