GHS Graduation Walk at GMS

Today marked the 2nd annual Graduation Walk at Goshen Middle School. It was a smaller group of seniors this year, due to IB testing and other GHS class commitments, but nevertheless, the GMS students were excited to see the seniors and to wish them well.

When the seniors got to the school, they each wrote their names and future plans on a small board, so that all of the GMS students could see what GHS had prepared them for in the future.

Then the seniors took a stroll through GMS.

They were led by Max Mault, who announced them by leading them and playing his trumpet.

There were high fives and lots of clapping and congratulations, and even a few hugs.

And then there was one more trip down “fish hallway” for the seniors.

Thank you, seniors for encouraging the GMS students to stay in school, create goals, and formulate their future plans!

For a video of the walk, click here: