Functional Skills Prom

The Functional Skills Prom was held at Goshen High School today (April 16).  Students from Goshen, Northwood, Concord, Northridge, and Goshen’s Young Adult Program were in attendance.  The prom was coordinated by GHS science teacher and student council sponsor, Cathy Biller.  On this day, Mrs. Biller was also assisted by her mother Karen and her daughter Ashley.

Student council members from both Goshen and Northwood also attended the prom to dance and take pictures with the students.

According to GHS Functional Skills teacher Shane Mullet, “the students have been excited about the dance all week”.  He had his GHS students inside the main doors, welcoming students from the other schools upon their arrival.  Once everyone was gathered, Mr. Mullet welcomed the students and staff, and invited everyone to eat lunch together.  The lunch was catered by the cafeteria, and served by GHS student council members. After lunch, some students were also joined by their parents or siblings.

When students were finished eating, there was dancing to music provided by a local D.J.  Throughout the dance, various GHS teachers and staff members came to the gym to see and talk to the students.  Some staff even danced with the students, including Assistant Principals Kelly Whittaker and Jim Pickard, and teachers Tammy Erickson, Dawn Hicks, Laura Denman, and Becky Boston.

All in all, it was a special day, planned by terrific GHS staff and students, for some great students in our school and in our neighboring schools.  A huge thank you to all who made this day a day to remember!

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