Boys Track and Field Goshen Relays-April 23rd

The 74th annual Goshen Relays boys track & field meet, sponsored by T-shirt Printing Plus, will be hosted at Foreman Field on Saturday, April 23rd. The field events will begin at 9:00 AM. The 4 x 800 m Relay will begin at 9:15 AM. Track trials will begin at 10:00 AM, with finals starting at noon.

The only entrance is the main entrance by the concession stand. The entrance north of the home bleachers will not be open. Please park in the west parking lot. Due to construction, it will be a longer walk to the ticket gate; feel free to drop off fans at 10th and Purl St.

Admission price is $5 for kindergarten to adult. Goshen High School All-sport tickets and Goshen High School student activity cards will be honored.

Mr. Dick Kierstead is the honorary referee for this year’s meet. Dick will be recognized at 11:45 AM along with other event workers and the Relays Queen and court.

Most Likely To Succeed-Free Screening

Most Likely To Succeed is the best film ever done on the topic of school-both its past and its future. The film inspires its audiences with a sense of purpose and possibility, and is bringing school communities together in re-imagining what our students and teachers are capable of doing.

The free screening will be on May 3, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. in the Goshen Middle School auditorium.

Doors open at 5:30 p.m. Tickets are available online at There is no cost for tickets, but you must have a ticket for admittance.

Communication Regarding GHS

Goshen Community Schools uses social media as a means to communicate information about school events, delays or closings, student and staff achievements, and other noteworthy items to parents, students, and interested community members.

Today, social media was used to communicate an evacuation at Goshen High School (See GHS/GPD Press Release). We hope the community will understand that our choice to use social media to communicate events was made so that parents would know their children were safe. Student safety is always our top priority. The administrators charged with the safety of GHS were focused solely on the safe evacuation of students and staff, and the cooperative work with the police and fire departments. Other GCS staff members, not directly involved, used social media to attempt to keep parents and community members informed of events at GHS. In situations like today, parents will be notified as soon as possible. However, the first priority will continue to be securing the safety of those in our buildings.

As supporters and members of our GCS community, we invite you to follow Goshen Community Schools: On Twitter @GoshenSchools or like us on Facebook, Goshen Community Schools.

GHS/GPD Press Release

At about 12:00pm, Officers were called to the Goshen high school in reference to an unknown package, noticed by a passing teacher, under a bush near the Whiteman wing. In the interest of personal safety, the Goshen High School administration made the decision to evacuate the students to the area of the baseball field and Administration Center green space.

A large perimeter was set by officers and closer examination was conducted by police and fire personnel. Goshen K9 unit “hit” on the device as containing electrical wires or components.   The Elkhart Police Department bomb squad was contacted to potentially assist with disposal of the device.

The device was determined to be an electrical lighting device placed there by an electrician contracted by the school system to perform work at the high school. The electrician had left the lighting device under the bush, “out of the way” while he left for lunch.

EPD bomb squad was told to disregard and students were allowed to return to the school. Students and staff were evacuated for approximately 45 minutes.

United Way: Thank You, GCS Staff!


Bill Rieth, of United Way, visited the Administration Center this morning to present a plaque to Assistant Superintendent Tammy Ummel and Superintendent Diane Woodworth, who accepted on behalf of all GCS employees.

Because of the pledges and contributions of staff members, Goshen Community Schools was recognized as a 2016 Corporate Friend of United Way of Elkhart County. Thank you to all GCS teachers and staff, who encourage us all to LIVE UNITED!

3-14-16 Board Recognitions

GHS senior Hudson Kay was recognized for placing 9th in state finals diving competition. He stated that next year he will go to West Point Military Academy to continue his education and diving. Administrators noted that during his distinctive GHS athletic career, he was also a regional qualifier in pole vault, and a member of the semi-state tennis team.

Mark Perry, GCS technology associate, and Jim Pickard, GHS assistant principal, were recognized for going above and beyond in preparing for statewide assessments (ISTEP). There was a change made to the testing procedures late on a Friday evening, and Mark and Jim both came in on Saturday and Sunday to ensure that everything was ready for student testing on Monday morning.

GHS IB students were recognized for their participation in a project to support a fellow IB high school in Flint, Michigan. The students contacted the high school in Flint and asked them how they could help them following a serious water crisis in Flint. The Flint students told them that so many people had provided water bottles, which were needed. However, because of the massive use of bottled water in their city, there is now a need for recycling containers to dispose of the bottles. The GHS students made it their mission to provide recycling bins for Flint. They received a donation of 50 barrels from the Goshen water treatment plant, which they then cleaned and painted for Flint’s use. On March 24th, students will travel to Flint to present the recycling bins. They will travel by a Cardinal bus, which has been donated for student transportation for the day. The barrels will be transported on a GCS box truck. The students thanked the community for the many donations they have received for their project, and their teachers, Carl Weaver and Theresa Collins, for their leadership. Several students attended the meeting to inform the board about their service project. The entire junior class of IB students includes:

Aguilar, David

Antal, Katarina

Avila, Ana

Berg, Zachery

Bove, Riley

Charlebois-Vegara, Sophia

Coley, Sadie

Collins, Charles

Contreras, Erik

Cruz, Andrea

Cruz, Maria

Graves, Kirsten

Haimes, Jacob

Hathaway, Benjamin

Hetler, Helen

Holbrook, Amy

King, Abigail

Krabill, Evan

Martinez, Elizabeth

Perez Diener, Ariana

Pollock, Catherine

Russell, Emma

Suarez, Irving

Taft, Sara

Torres, Jesse

Walters, Mitchell

Yoder, Lucas

GHS Musical-Mary Poppins

This year the GHS musical, Mary Poppins, is a one-week run, so there will not be as many performances. Place your ticket order now for the best possible seats. You will not want to miss our wonderful students in action!!

Mary Poppins

GHS Teachers Talk About Career Paths

This past week at our National Honor Society (NHS) meeting, one of our co-presidents, Liz Erickson, came up with the idea to have some teachers come in to speak about their career paths and college experiences. These teachers included Mrs. Charlene Cook, Mr. Chad Collins, Mr. Kyle Park, Mr. Jeremy McLaughlin, and Mrs. Kelly Whittaker. But what was different about these speakers was that they all went through life making a significant change. These are role models that we see every day at the high school, who one day decided that they wanted to take a different path. These changes ranged from changing majors, changing colleges, and changing jobs. But what really stuck out to me was that none of these teachers were afraid to follow their gut and chase after what they were naturally good at. Many seniors feel as though there is some type of pressure that everyone must have their entire life planned out by the time they go to college. On the flip side, many others believe that they are destined for a particular field and they could never see themselves doing anything else. These teachers helped us understand that we don’t need to know what we want to do for the rest of our lives right now, and if we do know, we must understand that changing our minds is always an option. Personally, hearing these teachers speak made me realize that next year at college I will be starting a new journey filled with new opportunities and new ideas. I know from talking to others that they feel better about not knowing exactly what to major in, because life will always unfold the way it is meant to as we gather new experiences. It was wonderful to hear the back-stories of the teachers we know and love, and how they came to be where they are today. These are the type of role models that will continue to inspire us long after high school. This was certainly one of the most beneficial opportunities we have had in NHS for both juniors and seniors!

Molly Hill, Secretary of National Honor Society


Thank you, Molly, for reporting on this wonderful presentation. Also, thank you to the staff members who were willing to share more with students about their own college and career paths.

GCS Music Faculty Recital-January 31st

Each year for the past 5 years, the GCS music faculty has worked together to present a “Benefit Recital” for the public and our students.  The funds generated from this recital go directly to student scholarships.  This year the recital will be on Sunday afternoon, January 31st at 2:00 p.m. in the GHS Auditorium.

We cordially invite you to attend, and enjoy some incredible music presented by the GCS Music Faculty. You will hear string selections, an incredible jazz combo, instrumental and vocal solos; even a barbershop quartet!

Tickets will be sold at the door and are $4 for students and $6 for adults.

The Music Faculty includes:  Deanna Board, Zac Coudret, Tom Cox, Caroline Garber, Josh Hren, Josh Kaufman, Max Mault, Sean Patrick, Jason Pfeifer, Rocco Duranti, Stephen Snyder, Monica Stutzman, Marcia Yost, and GHS Private Teachers.

GHS Scholastic Art Award Winners

Congratulations to the following GHS students for winning in the scholastic art show. Their artwork was picked out of 5000 entries and will be on display for the month of February at the South Bend Museum of Art. It is truly an honor to be picked for this event!  Their work will be judged again to see if they win other special awards.

  • Karly Cox
  • Maryna Krasnova
  • Sara Rodgers
  • Gabrielle Ott
  • Linda Clemons
  • Isaiah Conder
  • Abigail Duell
  • Amanda Guzman
  • Lianne Stieglitz

Well done, students!

GMS/GHS RedHawks Rising

There were pep sessions at GMS and GHS today to pass the torch from the former Redskin mascot to the new RedHawks mascot.


IMG_1855The transition of school logos.

IMG_1858Mrs. Egli and Ms. Blosser spoke about their history with Goshen Community Schools, and encouraged students to continue to support and have pride in their school and mascot.

IMG_1889Mr. Mault spoke about his 40 years at GCS, his own children, and the important task the students were given when they were asked to choose a new mascot. “And you have chosen well; you have chosen a strong name.”

IMG_1879The GHS drumline also played at the GMS pep session.


IMG_1923The band played for the assembly, including the school song (several times).

IMG_1921High school steering committee members.

IMG_1935Student emcees.

IMG_1943Senior Molly Hill was one of four students (one from each grade) who spoke about honoring the Redskin and the past. Molly concluded by encouraging the students to embrace the new mascot, saying “We are the RedHawks Rising!”

IMG_1944The drumline also played at GHS.

IMG_1963Dr. Younghans thanked the students for helping to make this a smooth transition.

IMG_1967Some of the new RedHawk uniforms.

IMG_1971GHS wrestlers, sporting the new RedHawk Rising t-shirts.

Thank you to everyone who planned and participated in the assemblies today. We honored the past, and we are moving forward together as RedHawks.

December 16, 2015 Press Release-Spanish Translation

Miércoles, 16 de diciembre de 2015

Comunicado de prensa de la Corporación Escolar de Goshen: El 15 de diciembre, aproximadamente a las 11 a.m., un padre llamó a la preparatoria Goshen High School para notificar a los directores de una amenaza que estaba publicada en Facebook. En cuestión de minutos de recibir la llamada, el alumno que supuestamente envió el comentario fue llevado a la oficina principal para que la situación fuera manejada, y se tomaron las medidas disciplinarias apropiadas. El alumno admitió que las amenazas no eran enserio, pero que pensó que sería divertido hacer el comentario en Facebook. La situación se reportó inmediatamente a la policía local. El personal de Goshen High School continuará trabajando con las autoridades con respecto a esta situación.  En la Corporación Escolar de Goshen sigue siendo una prioridad el lidiar con todos los problemas de seguridad a medida que continuamos luchando por la excelencia en todo lo que sucede en nuestras escuelas.

Comunicado de Prensa del Departamento de Policía: El oficial de recursos escolares del departamento de policía de Goshen que está asignado a la escuela preparatoria de Goshen High School fue notificado por uno de los subdirectores acerca de un incidente que involucraba a un alumno haciendo amenazas con un arma de fuego por medio de un mensaje de texto a otro alumno. Las amenazas estaban dirigidas a toda la escuela, sugiriendo que el sospechoso iba a lastimar a muchos con un arma de fuego, no sólo al que estaba recibiendo el mensaje de texto. El oficial de policía Johnson se reunió con el personal de la escuela a donde el sospechoso fue escoltado. El oficial Johnson esculcó al sospechoso, sus pertenencias y su casillero. No se le encontró ninguna arma. Dada la severidad de la amenaza y el historial del sospechoso, se hicieron arreglos en conjunto con el personal de Elkhart County Juvenile Detention para detener al sospechoso hasta que tenga su audiencia de emergencia en la corte Juvenil, el jueves, 17 de diciembre. El sospechoso, menor de edad, fue arrestado con cargos de intimidación y actualmente está detenido en la correccional de menores. Todas las medidas fueron tomadas por los directores de la escuela y oficiales de policía para hacer frente a la amenaza del joven y potencialmente prevenir cualquier acción adicional o violencia por parte del sospechoso. La administración de la escuela ha suspendido al menor y está a la espera de tener una audiencia de expulsión con el estudiante. El sistema de la corte juvenil de menores escuchará el caso y determinará cualquier medida adicional que sea requerida.

Goshen Community Schools: ** La discrepancia entre los dos comunicados de prensa en relación con los mensajes de texto o el uso de Facebook se deben a la utilización de la mensajería de Facebook y mensajes de texto de Facebook capturas de pantalla. Los comunicados de prensa son sobre el mismo incidente, que fue reportado por Goshen High School, y se ha actuado por el Departamento de Policía de Goshen.

December 16, 2015 Press Release

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Goshen Community Schools Press Release:


On December 15th, at approximately 11:00 a.m., a parent called GHS to notify the administration of a threat that he noticed on Facebook. Within minutes of receiving the call, the student who allegedly posted the comment was brought to the office and the situation was handled, and appropriate discipline steps were taken. The student admitted that he was not serious about the threat, but thought it would be funny to make the comment on Facebook. The situation was immediately reported to local law enforcement. GHS will continue to work with the authorities in regards to this situation.

At Goshen Community Schools, it continues to be a priority to deal immediately with all safety concerns as we continue to strive for excellence in all that happens in our schools.


Goshen Police Press Release:


The Goshen Police School Resource officer assigned to the Goshen High School was notified by the school’s Assistant Principal of an incident involving a student making threats with a firearm via text message to another student. The threats were directed toward the entire school and suggested that the suspect would bring about harm to many with a firearm, not just the recipient of the text message.

SRO Johnson joined school staff in the office to where the suspect was escorted. SRO Johnson searched the suspect, his belongings, and his locker. No weapon was located.

Due to the severity of the threat and the history of the suspect, arrangements were made in conjunction with Elkhart County Juvenile Detention staff to detain the suspect until his emergency hearing in Juvenile court, Thursday, December 17th. The juvenile suspect was arrested on charges of Intimidation and is currently being held in juvenile detention.

Every measure was taken by school administration and police officers to address the juvenile’s threat and potentially prevent any additional actions or violence by the suspect.

The school administration has suspended the juvenile pending his expulsion hearing. The Juvenile court system will hear the case and determine what further action may be required.


Goshen Community Schools:

**The discrepancy between the two press releases regarding texting or the use of Facebook are due to the use of Facebook messaging, and texting Facebook screen shots. The press releases are about the same incident, which was reported by Goshen High School, and has been acted upon by the Goshen Police Department.

All State Orchestra

Congratulations to sophomores Matthew Herrmann (violin) & Cade Fisher (bass) on acceptance into the Indiana Chapter of the American String Teachers Association’s Indiana All State Orchestra.  To be placed in this ensemble students had a short amount of time to prepare a blind audition consisting of rigorous scales, orchestral excerpts, and solo literature.

Matthew and Cade will travel to Fort Wayne to rehearse with all students accepted to the All State Orchestra on Friday, January 15th and will perform at the Indiana Music Educators Association Professional Development Conference on the early afternoon of Saturday, January 16th in the historic Embassy Theater in downtown Fort Wayne.

December 7th Board Recognitions

Board Recognition:

2015-12-07 19.06.20-1

Mrs. Ummel introduced Dale Schrock, who often serves as an event supervisor for GHS athletics. Mr. Schrock was honored for the calm, professional handling of a stressful situation, the loss of field lights, during a big NLC varsity girls’ soccer game versus Concord.

2015-12-07 19.07.592015-12-07 19.09.24

Also honored by the board were teachers Andrew Kauffman and Jim Alber, who were the recipients of the VOYA Unsung Heroes award, in the amount of $2,000. Mrs. Ummel read from the VOYA news release that stated VOYA “awards grants to K-12 educators nationwide to honor their innovative teaching methods, creative educational projects, and their ability to positively influence the children they teach”.

GCS Natatorium Update

John Place, President of Ancon Construction, provided an update regarding the natatorium at the board meeting on December 7th.

The pool tile (pictured below) is getting a final cleaning and the pool will be filled by December 16th.


The lockers (as pictured below) arrived this week, and the locker rooms and restrooms are also being completed.


The concession stand (pictured below) is being finished, and should be completed before the end of the week.


An inspector will be at GMS right after Christmas, and the new facility should be ready for students when they come back from break.

Thank you, Ancon Construction!

Nov. 12-Mascot Update

The GHS/GMS mascot steering committee is pleased to announce that there is a clear, definitive winner for the mascot, and therefore no run-off vote is necessary. The new mascot will be presented for approval to the school board at a special meeting on Monday, November 16th at 6:00 p.m. in the GCS Administration Center.

Over 200 GHS alumni took the opportunity to cast their vote, along with GHS/GMS students, staff, and coaches. The GHS/GMS steering committee wishes to thank all those who participated in the suggestion of names, creation of artwork, and voting. Visit or follow @GoshenSchools and @goshenprincipal on Twitter for additional news about the mascot change.

GHS/GMS Mascot/Logo Update

The mascot steering committee is pleased to release the graphics for the GHS/GMS mascot finalists. Several local companies and individuals submitted professionally-developed designs. The selected graphics were created by a member of the GHS class of 2005, Antonio Zacarias.

The student steering committee selected the following graphics:




Student and staff voting will occur on November 10th. For GHS, voting will take place during the daily announcement time slot; at GMS students and staff will vote throughout day (during Social Studies classes). GHS/GMS students and staff who are absent on November 10th will have the chance to vote on Wednesday, November 11th during lunch.

Alumni who live within the Goshen School district boundaries (Elkhart Township) may vote on Tuesday, November 10th from noon to 9:00 p.m. and on Wednesday, November 11th from 7:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Alumni will need to provide two forms of ID (one of which must be a photo ID) and their graduation year. Alumni are encouraged to enter GHS through Door C, which is located by the athletic department, and may park by the white mini-buses located in the lot along US 33. Alumni voting will take place in the GHS main gym concession stand.

As a reminder, if the margin of victory for the winning mascot is not greater than 2% of the total votes cast, a run-off election will be held in which only students will be allowed to vote. Assuming there is no run-off vote, a special board meeting will be held on Monday, November 16th at 6:00 p.m. at the GCS administration center. The only agenda item for the meeting will be the approval of the new GHS/GMS mascot and logo.

Mascot Name/Logo Timeline

From now until October 4 at 3:00 PM submission of mascot names ideas can be made to
10/6: The Mascot Steering Committee will screen submissions and reduce the number of names to approximately 20.
10/8: GMS and GHS students will vote to narrow the list to approximately 5-7 names.
10-9: Finalists will be announced.
10/9-10/12: Additional artwork/logos for the remaining names may be submitted.
10/12: The Logistics Sub Committee will review logos and will recommend 1-3 logos with each mascot name finalist.
10/14: The mascot logo finalists will be sent to professionals for final art work.

Mascot Change Process Underway

Recent community input regarding the district mascot change process and timeline at the Goshen Community School Board meeting on Tuesday, September 29, has sparked some community conversation regarding a possible change in the timeline for the mascot transition.

Cathie Cripe, school board president noted, “We recognize the decision to change the mascot has been difficult. We continue to appreciate the community’s engagement with the issue. The plans and the timeline defined in the July decision remain the same. The change will be effective January 1, 2016.”

A student-led steering committee of 25 student members is leading the process in defining a new mascot. A “submissions of ideas” window is currently open on the GCS website as a means of community involvement and input. Guidelines for the submission of ideas are available on the site. Five administrative and teaching staff members are working with the committee.

Cripe went on to note, “As a board we are proud of our students, their academic and co-curricular accomplishments, and how they conduct themselves. They are working diligently with our school leaders to create a broad and inclusive mascot identification process.”

District officials have noted that there will be changes in various facilities over the course of the next several months as the transition begins. The sequence and timing of these changes will follow a process of prioritization given the nature of the work, and the opportunities allowed through our academic and co-curricular calendar. Critical to this process is our effort not to disrupt athletic practices and competition dates.

When asked about uniforms, officials confirmed that multiple teams, currently and in the past, do not have reference or images to the “Redskins” mascot on their uniforms. For those programs, a change in uniforms is not an issue. For other programs, the athletic director and head coaches have worked together in defining a plan to either order new uniforms now, or wait until a new mascot is named.

Diane Woodworth, superintendent stated, “The mascot issue is difficult because people care about this school system and the work that is done. Regardless of where people stand, we all are proud of the hard work our students and staff are putting in to continue a tradition of excellence, while still moving our schools forward to a new era for Goshen. We take great pride in the many accomplishments of our students, musicians, and athletes, and we appreciate the quality educators in our district.”