GHS Recognition for Exemplary Sportsmanship

Congratulations to Hugh Birky and GHS tennis coaches Daniel Love and Mark Saner who were recently recognized by the IHSAA for Exemplary Sportsmanship. Please see the IHSAA report (submitted by Plymouth coaches) below:

Our teams (Plymouth and Goshen) were tied at 2 matches apiece with the match coming down to our 2S players (Hugh Birky-Goshen, Mitch Rose-Plymouth) that were in a tight match in the third set. After three hours of play and due to extreme darkness, they were forced to stop the match at 5-5 in the third set and move the match to Goshen College, where there were lights available. Our player, Mitch Rose, had been battling cramps the entire third set, before and after the change in venue.

At 5-6 in the third set, Mitch came to the net. Hugh hit a passing shot by him on match point and the Goshen fans erupted as Hugh had won the match for his team. Mitch fell to the ground in pain as he cramped up very badly trying to reach for the ball.

Instead of celebrating, Hugh immediately rushed over to Mitch’s side of the net to assist him in any way possible as he laid on the ground and had trouble getting up. Hugh brought Mitch his own personal Gatorade to see if he wanted it. Hugh made sure he was OK, and they both congratulated each other on a well-played match. Great sportsmanship all around between the players. Goshen’s coaches checked on Mitch as well, and Coach Love gave Mitch a Gatorade to drink for after the match.

It was an excellent display of sportsmanship by Hugh Birky, as well as Coach Love and Coach Saner. It was refreshing to see them show such genuine concern for an opponent in such a highly contested and hard-fought match against a conference rival.