GHS French Trip

Pictures from the 2019 GHS French Trip:


Eleven people traveled to France after graduation, GHS French teachers Jason Hobbs and Dru Mack, eight students and a parent chaperone. They spent 10 days in France, split between two cities, Paris and Blois. According to Ms. Mack, the students did a great job communicating in the target language and enjoyed experiencing the culture and seeing/learning about the history of France. The group got home on Tuesday, June 18th, safe and sound!

GCS Representatives Included in City of Goshen’s Storm Drain Art Project

Goshen Community Schools was well represented by artists in the Storm Drain Art Project held by the City of Goshen this spring. Two teachers, Rachel Weaver and Heather Potsander, as well as a Goshen High School graduate Katarina Antal, shared their artwork with our community to encourage protecting our local water resources.

The artists were selected by a committee from artwork submitted in February. Artists were tasked with submitting artwork which would draw the public’s attention to our local waterways and the need to protect them. Each selected artist was assigned a local storm drain and the adjacent sidewalk on which to paint their chosen piece. Painting on concrete is a challenge, but add in the rainy weather we have experienced this spring and these painters deserve even greater praise for completing such beautiful and amazing works of art.

Rachel Weaver teaches 6th-grade visual arts at Goshen Middle School. Her love of water came about at an early age. She grew up living by the river, and spending summers in nearby lakes swimming, canoeing, and kayaking. In high school, she took the marine biology class and became more aware of the importance of water preservation. Rachel felt this project was an excellent way to combine her love of water, education, and art. She also wanted to set an example for her students and allow them to see the message in our community. When sharing her inspiration for this project, Rachel said, “It is important to maintain the health of our nearby water sources not just for our own recreation, but for all who rely on it to survive.”

Heather Potsander is an art teacher at Parkside Elementary School and enjoys creating artwork with elements of surprise and hidden messages.  Such hidden or surprised elements can be found in Heather’s artwork for this project.  “I want people of all ages to experience the joy children have when encountering the unexpected,” says Potsander. The natural landscape, particularly that of the Millrace Canal Trail, inspires her work. A graduate of Goshen College, Potsander also teaches private art classes from her home in Goshen.  When not teaching, she may be found knitting, sewing, or drawing with her three children and their chickens.

Katarina Antal is a graduate of Goshen High School (class of 2017). Her passion for art and interest in the environment led her to study at Ball State University, where she is currently studying Landscape Architecture. As a young girl, Katarina Antal remembers exploring the Goshen dam pond, surrounding forest trails, and riding her bike down the mill race on beautiful summer days. Katarina appreciates the Goshen Community for its support of the arts by providing opportunities for artists to engage with the community. Katarina hopes her painting will be an inspiration to others in the Goshen Community.

6-10-19 Board Recognition

The following people were honored by the school board on Monday, June 10, 2019:

GMS English teacher Marilyn Torres stated that her class worked on an argumentative unit regarding Climate Change earlier this spring. The students were examining the Green New Deal and creating podcasts to present their argument or viewpoint about the Green New Deal. The podcasts were submitted to National Public Radio (NPR) as part of a contest to make their podcasts available through NPR. Out of the 6,000 entries throughout the U.S.A., two of the GMS podcasts were chosen for “Honorable Mention”. The students who created the podcasts were: Skye Steury, Sophia Kauffman, Isaac Stahly, and Laish Detwiler. Mrs. Torres had arranged to play a portion of each of the two podcasts for the school board.

GHS head baseball coach, JJ DuBois, assistant coach Clay Norris, and senior captain Drew Marlow were honored by the school board following their recognition by the IHSAA. This report was filed by IHSAA umpire Michael Murray:

“I had the great fortune of Umpiring a Varsity Baseball Game at Goshen High School on Saturday May 4, 2019 between Goshen and Northwood. It was a great game that went extra innings with Goshen prevailing against Northwood 2-1 in 9 innings. Both Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches and all players were very sportsmanlike and thanked me personally throughout the game, and if questions came up during the game they were very courteous and respectful. We had a couple of close plays in a close game but everyone handled each situation calmly and respectfully of one another. It was just a great atmosphere and what High School sports should always be about. I commend both schools and their administrations for setting a great example of how things should be done. It was a very enjoyable day. After the game was over, both teams shook our hands and thanked us too and that doesn’t always happen everywhere you go.”

Representatives from the GHS Advanced Jazz Band were also honored, following their State Finals finish this year.

And lastly, Assistant Superintendent Mrs. Tamra Ummel was honored by those in attendance for her years of service and dedication to Goshen Community Schools, on her last Monday night board meeting.

6/7/2019 Press Release

To the Goshen Community,

Our community has long thrived on strong partnerships and working together. On Monday, June 10th, the Goshen Fire and Police Departments will work together with Goshen Community Schools to conduct a training drill at Goshen High School. The training is scheduled to begin at approximately 1:00 p.m. and will continue for most of the afternoon. Some Goshen Community Schools staff have volunteered to participate in the drill. This allows Goshen Fire and Police Department to respond to a more realistic scenario. Because of other scenarios in the state of Indiana that have been reported, we want to be clear that no projectiles/plastic pellets will be used during this drill. The well-being and safety of our volunteers will be monitored at all times during the drill.

Additional Goshen Officers and Fire personnel who are not participating in the training will remain on duty during the training exercise, and there will be no lapse in response to calls for service from Goshen residents and businesses.

Signs will be posted along the roadway to alert passersby that training is being conducted at Goshen High School. Please spread the word, as we do not want any misperceptions of why first responders are at the school.

GPD and GFD are constantly training to better serve our community. This training exercise will allow the police and fire departments to train further, while also helping school staff see first-hand what could happen in an emergency. It is our greatest hope that our community never has to utilize what is learned in exercises like this; but there is value in training, and we will be prepared.

Thank you to everyone involved.



Goshen Police Department

Goshen Fire Department

The City of Goshen

Goshen Community Schools

GCS 2018-19 Energy Savings

Below is a chart that gives evidence to the hard work GCS staff members and students did to conserve energy and save the school corporation money in 2018-19. The scores and percentages of savings are not a competition between schools, because some schools host more events than others and some schools are more energy-efficient than others. However, GCS is working on long-range plans to make all the schools as energy-efficient as possible!

2019 Retirees Video

Last week during the annual end of year celebration we were all impressed with a video honoring this year’s retirees made by Brian Sapp, GMTV & GTV teacher. The video showcases our wonderful staff who have given so much of their lives to our schools and highlights the Goshen Middle School choir directed by Marilyn Mason singing their rendition of “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman.

GHS Transportation Requests/Transporte escolar a la preparatoria GHS

Transportation to Goshen High School:

As students transition to Goshen High school, this is a reminder that bussing to and from school for those outside the one mile walk zone must be requested.

All high school students will be required to register with the Transportation Dept. before being allowed to ride.  To ensure your student will be assigned a bus to ride next fall, register by June 15.


  • Register by logging into and go to “Online Forms”.
  • Select “Transportation Request Form
  • Complete all required information

Note: If you do not have access to Skyward, you may get help at and select “Help – Getting Started”.

If you have any questions, please contact Transportation at 574-533-7176 or email

A medida que los estudiantes hacen la transición a la preparatoria Goshen High School, le recordamos que debe solicitar el servicio de transporte hacia y desde la escuela si vive fuera de la zona de caminata de una milla.

Todos los estudiantes de preparatoria deberán registrarse en el Departamento de Transporte antes de que se les permita tomar el autobús escolar. Para asegurarse de que a su hijo le será asignado tomar un autobús escolar el próximo otoño, regístrese antes del 15 de junio.


  • Regístrese en y vaya a Online Forms.
  • Seleccione Transportation Request Form.
  • Complete toda la información requerida.

Nota: Si no tiene acceso a Skyward, puede recibir ayuda visitando al seleccionar Help Getting Started.

Si tiene alguna pregunta, comuníquese con el departamento de transporte al 574-533-7176 o envíe un correo electrónico a .