“The Nature of Life is to Grow” (17) Growing Through GCS

Over the course of this first semester, we have shown you some of the things students are learning and doing in each grade. We have shown the progression in the degree of difficulty of the coursework for each next/new grade. We have shown how many opportunities there are for students traveling the normal, or usual, pathways offered at GCS, and we have shown that there are alternative pathways for students who may need something different during their educational journey. We hope that you have enjoyed this look at GCS, and that you have seen and understood all that our teachers and staff members do to help the students at GCS grow and mature.

Here are just a few of the pictures that were taken over the semester:


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade

Seventh Grade

Eighth Grade


Sophomores and Juniors


From Pre-K and kindergarten to 12th grade, our staff focuses on living out the mission of Goshen Community Schools for all of our students: Inspiring Innovation…Empowering Potential…Enriching our World. We want each student in our care to feel that they are in the exact, best place for them to learn, to grow, and to be successful well after the day that they leave our school system.

Our staff works hard to stay on the cutting-edge of all that public education has to offer, by scheduling quality professional development within each school building each week. Additionally, teachers and administrators travel across the country to keep abreast of new programming and to collaborate with leaders in education. Our staff does all of this so that we may offer the most innovative programs available, and so that we can meet the needs of all learners.

After visiting classrooms throughout the district, we think that you would find truth in the fact that at GCS our number one value is that “Relationships Matter”. Our teachers genuinely care about their students, and they do whatever they can to help students be successful, in academics and in life.

Each year, we send our seniors out into society, knowing that they will truly enrich our world. We have living proof! Our graduates are doctors, teachers, plumbers, scientists, nurses, electricians, social workers, managers, accountants, policemen and women, administrative assistants, manufacturing technicians, physical therapists, chefs, business owners, professional musicians, construction workers, firemen, lawyers, coaches, IT specialists, paralegals, mechanics, travel agents, marine biologists, wastewater operators, EMTs, software developers, yoga instructors, and so much more!

At GCS, our goal is for all of our students to grow and mature during their educational years with us, so that they are ready for whatever their futures may hold. So if your kindergarten student (like the one below) is just learning how to properly greet people and how to be a part of the school community, or if your senior is one of the speakers at graduation (pictured below); please know that GCS values your student(s) and is working hard to help them learn, grow, and succeed!

“Dreams grow if you grow.”  Zig Ziglar