Q:  How can I contact my student’s guidance counselor?

A:  You can either phone 574.533.8651 or e-mail from the links listed on the home page.

Q: How do I report absences?

A:  The attendance office voice mail is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 574.533.0132.  Please see the GHS agenda book for further attendance information.

Q: How do I pick up my student for appointment?

A: Call the attendance office at 574.533.0132 so a pass can be created for your student allowing him/her to leave.  Or login to Skyward and request an absence. 

Q: How do I get homework if my student misses school?

A:  Call the Student Counseling Office at the beginning of the 2nd day of absence or email the teachers directly.

Q: As a parent how can I check grades?

A: Parents and students can check grades on Skyward, our student information system.  For login instructions go here.

Q: Is there a supply list for 9th graders?

A:  There is not one specific list for what is needed for high school, but it would be helpful to your student if they started the year out with the basics.  This would include: a folder for each class, notebooks, pens, pencils, paper and anything your student needs to feel organized.  Once school starts, each teacher will let your student know exactly what they will need depending on the classes they are taking.

Q: How do I contact my student’s teachers?

A: You can either call the school or email the teacher directly.  Teacher emails can be found on the here.

Q: Will my student get a laptop?

A: All students receive a laptop.

Q: Can my student get a PE credit for marching band?

A: No, marching band students receive a band credit for summer activities. 

Q: Will there be summer PE?

A: This will be determined by the school board in early spring.

Q: How can I get information about the IB courses?

A: There will be some information available at the Curriculum Fair in February, but more specific details will be given during your son/daughter’s sophomore year. You can also view more information on the GHS IB webpage.

Q: When will my student get to visit the high school and find their classes?

A: During Freshman Orientation in the fall.  This always occurs the day before the first day of school.  Students will also have the opportunity to get a tour during the Curriculum Fair.

Q: Do we have to take all honors classes to get an Academic Honors Diploma?

A: No, students can still get an honors diploma without taking all honors classes.  Please refer to your high school counselor or Indiana Graduation Requirements for more detailed information.

Q: What does Science in the Rockies count for at GHS?

A: It will count as a high school PE credit.