Senior Walk at GMS

A group of seniors gave up their SRT time today to take a “Victory Lap” through the halls of Goshen Middle School. Organized by the counselors at both GMS and GHS, the seniors were excited to share their accomplishments and the GMS students were happy to congratulate them.

The seniors wrote their future plans and goals on white boards to share with the GMS students.

The retirees (Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Reihl) made their own signs!

Mr. Mault led them through the school, letting everyone know the seniors were headed their way.

Students held signs of congratulations, and put out their hands for high-fives.

More signs of encouragement from teachers and students.

They walked through the cafeteria.

They took one more walk through “Fish” hallway.

They walked through a GHS presentation in the auditorium.

And then they gathered for one more picture.

With plenty of smiles, high-fives, the sound of Mr. Mault’s trumpet, and just a few tears, Goshen Middle School offered a well-deserved show of appreciation for the seniors.

Congratulations to you, seniors! Thank you for encouraging the next generation of Goshen High School students!