Partners for Clean Air

Goshen Community Schools received a Partners for Clean Air Award on Thursday, April 25 at a luncheon hosted by Michiana Area Council of Governments (MACOG). GCS Energy Educator Judy Miller accepted the award on behalf of the school corporation.

Goshen Community Schools received recognition for the corporation-wide energy conservation program that was first implemented in 2009. Because of staff participation and cooperation with energy conservation measures, GCS has been able to decrease energy costs/consumption by 25.3%. That translates into $3,441,313.00 in cost avoidance for Goshen schools! Energy reduction is 142,921 MMBTUs, (equivalent to a reduction of 22,459 metric tons of CO2; which is the equivalent to 4,679 cars not being driven for one year and 575,878 tree seedlings being grown for 10 years!).

Part of Mrs. Miller’s job is to educate staff members and students on what each person can do to make a difference. Along with education, she monitors the corporation’s utility bills and, with the help of maintenance and custodial staff, also monitors the many corporation buildingsĀ  to ensure that everything is running as efficiently as possible.

GCS also received praise for implementing project-based learning in our elementary and middle schools, which allows students to enter into hands-on projects that study energy utilization and conservation. New Tech classes at both Model and GMS have worked with Mrs. Miller on energy-related projects this year.

Mrs. Miller’s personal statement reflects her commitment to the GCS energy conservation program, and to our students and staff:

Public schools must all make tough choices regarding where to direct their limited financial resources. I help free up budgets usingĀ  energy optimization solutions with verifiable results, allowing administrators to invest savings in students and their teachers so they can succeed.

Thank you to Mrs. Miller, and to everyone at GCS who helps ensure that we use our resources wisely and responsibly!