New GCS Video Feature, the “Superintendent Step In”

Goshen Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Diane Woodworth, Webmaster Megan Eichorn and her GHS student intern Alex Ramos, and Assistant to the Superintendent/PR Lori Martin are teaming up to bring the Goshen community a new video series called the “Superintendent Step In”. In this new series, Dr. Woodworth will go into classrooms throughout the Goshen district every week, and will participate in whatever the students/classrooms are doing.

All GCS teachers have been asked to contact the superintendent’s office if they are interested in having Dr. Woodworth step into their classroom, to see what the students are learning and see what they are doing on a daily basis. So far, we have filmed in two classes (Engineering/Design and Weightlifting), and we have two more visits scheduled in elementary classrooms. We hope that the GCS teachers will invite Dr. Woodworth into their classes for the routine things that they do, but we have also invited them to find special challenges for her as well!

When each video is ready, it will be posted on the GCS website, the website of the school in which the Superintendent Step In was filmed, and the GCS Twitter and facebook pages. The goal is to eventually visit one classroom per week, and to post videos on Friday afternoons.

Look for Dr. Woodworth to show up in future videos in classes like Building Trades, elementary P.E., Music or Art classes, IB Chemistry, or Theater. Dr. Woodworth also taught math before she was an administrator, so we know she would love to visit those classes!

The first video will be released tomorrow afternoon, don’t miss it!