Graduation Ticket Information

Dear Families of the GHS class of 2017,

Our staff has started planning for the GHS graduation, to be held in the GHS main gym on Sunday, June 4th at 2:00 p.m. 

We will be issuing tickets for the graduation ceremony.  In early May, each graduate will be issued the same number of tickets (5).  The tickets will be free of charge, but each person (including babies who will be held during the ceremony) will need to have a ticket in order to get in for graduation.  No one will be admitted into the gym for graduation without a ticket.  We ask that you please meet your family members to distribute tickets prior to entering the school.   

We will announce a time for students to pick up their tickets.  An ID must be presented to pick up tickets.  We will e-mail this information to students as a reminder. 

If a student does not need all of the tickets that he/she is given, he or she should return the extra tickets to the main office.  Tickets may be re-issued to another family if there are special circumstances that cause them to need more than their allotted number of tickets.  (Special circumstances will be determined by the Principal.)  If your family needs more than the allotted 5 tickets, you should call the Principal’s Secretary to be put on the “extra ticket request” list.  Tickets are very limited this year due to the size of the class and the new gymnasium seating, so even extra ticket requests may not be able to be honored.  Please have your student check with friends or people in their SRT class to see if they can find someone who does not need all of their tickets. 

If you have questions or concerns about the procedure regarding graduation tickets, you may call the high school at 533-8651.


Dr. Barry C. Younghans

GHS Principal

*** Please watch for updates on social media.  You can check Facebook as well as follow us on Twitter at @goshenprincipal, @GoshenSchools and @ghs_guidance.