Graduation Information


(These events are optional, but if you attend you must wear your cap and gown. Be very careful because the tassels get lost/ fall off easily.)

Thursday, June 5th. Baccalaureate is an optional religious celebration of graduation planned and lead by other seniors. Attendance is completely optional. If you would like to attend, you need to be in the cafeteria WEARING your cap and gown by 5:40.  We will walk in slightly before 6. 

Senior awards:
Thursday, June 5th: This is an evening where seniors are recognized for scholarships and other awards they have received. Attendance is open to all seniors. If you will be receiving an award or a special recognition, you really should attend. The guidance department will notify you closer to the date if you are being recognized. If you are attending this event, please be in the Cafeteria WEARING your cap and gown by 6:30.  We will walk in slightly before 7. 


All seniors planning to participate in graduation MUST attend the mandatory graduation practice. This practice will take place during seventh hour (2:00-3:40) on Friday June 6th in the cafeteria. This is the last day of school, the last period of the day. You do not need to wear your cap and gown. YOU MUST ATTEND THIS REHEARSAL IF YOU PLAN TO PARTICIPATE!

GRADUATION – Sunday, June 8, 2:00 pm in Gymnasium

Graduation Sunday:
You must be in the cafeteria BEFORE 1 pm! There will be a name tag on your seat in that room, as well as in the gym.  Seating is alphabetical.

Dress code:
You MUST wear a cap and gown: red for males, white for females. If you have not yet purchased or picked up your cap and gown, please see Ms. Van Elk in room 2290.

What to wear underneath your cap and gown:
Ladies, wear something light colored because your robes are white. Normally girls wear a dress and nice shoes. Gentlemen, wear something nice.  A shirt and tie is what is expected.  No flip flops. No jeans. Wear nice shoes.  No sun glasses. No chewing gum.  If you walk, you must have a cap and gown or a class A uniform, if in the military. 

*IF YOU ADD ANY “DECORATIONS” to your cap and gown you will have to buy a new one to walk in the ceremony, or you will not be able to walk.

Participating in the graduation ceremony is a privilege, not a “right.” Please be respectful of the seriousness and significance of the ceremony.

Disabled/Elderly Seating:
If your family needs space on the gym floor, (parents or grandparents are in a wheelchair, or cannot go up the bleachers) you must tell Mrs. Clark or Ms. VanElk.  We will reserve seats for you under your name, but your family will still need to arrive early. At 1:40, reserved seats will be released if no one is there. 

Each senior will receive 6 tickets to graduation in their SRT May 13 and 15. People without tickets will not be allowed to enter the gymnasium. There will be “overflow” seating in the auditorium. Guests may not bring balloons, large items, or noisy items into the gymnasium. If you would like more than 6 tickets, you may put your name on a waiting list in the main office, but there are no guarantees.