German Trip: July 3

We left Bielefeld this morning at 7:00 AM and travel to the airport in Duesseldorf.  There were a lot of tears as we left.  After arriving in Helsinki and waiting on our luggage for almost 2 hours, we took a bus to our hotel and then took a train into the city and met Sonja, a former exchange student from Finland, who was in Goshen 2 years ago.  We ate dinner and then she gave us a tour of the city.  We returned to the hotel at about 12:45 AM.  It was just starting to get a little darker.  Most of the city pictures you see were taken at about 11 PM!

Hailey and Makayla crying in the train

Waiting in the airport in Duesseldorf

Arrival in Helsinki

Cathedral Square in Helsinki

Taking a dip in the Baltic Sea