GCS-Teachers Who Care

From a facebook post belonging to Tonia Immel (shared with permission). Tonia is a GCS employee and parent of a GCS graduate and a current GHS sophomore:

“No secret, I love the education our kids have gotten in Goshen schools, the friends they have made, both with kids and teachers alike. Here is an example of the awesome teachers that truly care about their students at Goshen. Tonight (a cold, damp night) at the JV game Jennifer Eberly an ELL teacher at GHS came to watch 2 of her students. They didn’t play much, in fact, I am not sure the one student even got in. She sat there to watch, just in case. And when the one got in and up to bat, he looked back to see her sitting there cheering him on. Those are the types of teachers we have at Goshen, teachers that support their kids.”  #goshenschools #goodofgoshen

GCS additional notes: Another EL teacher, Hans Hess was also at the baseball game, along with Jen Eberly’s student teacher.

Ms. Eberly also told Mrs. Immel that one of the two students/baseball players that she came to watch was new to Goshen Community Schools this year, and still has limited English. (His teammates were helping him by providing some translation of instructions from the coaches.) Ms. Eberly stated that the inclusion of her student on the baseball team has changed her student in class; that simply being involved and part of a team has increased his confidence.

Thank you to Mrs. Immel for recognizing teachers who support our students every day, in so many ways. And thank you to the teachers, who sit in bleachers on cold, damp spring evenings in order for their students to know that they care about them, beyond the classroom.