GHS Marine Bio 2009 * Lime Tree Bay Resort

Long Key, Florida
Thursday, April 2 - Sunday, April 12

A big thanks to Sue Neeb and Galen Miller for the donated chicken. It was a great meal!

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I have created a DVD containing a slide show and movies. Included is "Bodies in Motion" the video featuring Mr. Nolt!
I also included 652 photos accessible through a computer in case you want to create your own photo book.
Even higher resolution photos available upon request. You'll need to stop by with a USB drive.


Reunion with 1st Marine Biology Location-- 36th year of Marine Bio

We are returning to the original location for GHS Marine Biology. This year we are partnering with Goshen College and will have access to their facitlity/lab. The GC building is about 3/8 of a mile away.

4-4 Soon after our first organizational meeting a Loggerhead sea turtle appeared in the water not far from shore. Immediately several of us ran to grab our masks and fins to join it for a swim. Check out the video on the Sea Turtle page. Later a 4 foot nurse shark swam through the area. It was difficult to keep up with it, but I was able to shoot video of that as well. The students all seem to be doing very well. They are studying, exploring, and researching most of the day and some continue into the night. Everyone appears healthy, but all seem to show some signs of tiredness. Older children of the chaperones have commented about how much work the students are doing and have wondered if they would come again as students. I'm guessing they will.

4-5 The students did more exploring and research today. We had a 4 foot nurse shark swim through, so I grabbed the camera and chased it. Check out the 4-5 page to see the video, it looks massive in the video. Many of us went on a night fishing charter starting at 7 pm. We returned to Lime Tree Resort by about 12:30 a.m. with fewer fish than we have had in past years.

4-6 Today we did excursions in the morning and took some time to relax and grill burgers and hotdogs in the afternoon on Sombero Beach. They had a seminar when they returned. It began to get windy in the evening.

4-7 Wind. Lots of wind. The white caps prevented us from snorkeling in unprotected areas. The quarry and channels were calm enough for groups to explore. Students still seem healthy. We are eating very well.

4-8 Still windy and chilly, but less than yesterday. This is the time of week when it becomes more of a challenge to concentrate. The students seem diligent with their research. They are making good use of the Goshen College facility to collaborate on their presentations. A group went to the Dry Tortugas, but the wind and waves made snokeling close to impossible. Visibility was about two feet. The Pennekamp trip was great! In the evening, we had seafood smorgasbord at the Key's Fishery and Marina.

4-9 The wind has died down to a breeze and it is wonderfully sunny. The water looks much more clear. Students are working on their projects and getting in at least two excursions to habitats today.

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