GHS Marine Bio 2007 * Hawk's Cay Resort

Duck Key, Florida
Thursday, March 29 - Sunday, April 8


3rd year at Hawk's Cay -- 33rd year of Marine Bio

The two Cardinal buses, an SPV mini bus, and a cargo van with pontoon boat in tow arrived safely after 32 hours of travel. The trip was mighty long and when we pulled through the gates of Duck Key our bus erupted in cheers. Many of us were privately nervous as traveled through Georgia at night, but our drivers were clearly professional and alert. Our trip was relatively uneventful.

Friday, after our arrival, students, chaperones and children unloaded the boxes and coolers of food and settled into the comfortable villas. We had an hour or so to relax and stretch our previously cramped postures before the pizza arrived. We gathered at 7:00 pm for a general session where Carl acknowledged those who put forth great effort for this trip, explained expectations, provided information about general procedures and encouraged everyone to look beyond themselves this week as we spent time living, studying, traveling and dealing with each other.

This web site is mostly a pictorial journal of our daily activities, scenery, and special excursions that we are so fortunate to experience. Two of us will try to document this experience, but it is sometime difficult to keep the site updated daily as we are also responsible for taking students on excursions and acting as hosts to our eating and sleeping groups.


The temperature and skies are great, however, there seems to be a persistent wind. This could reduce the visibility of the water for snorkeling, so we hope it calms down.

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