GHS Marine Bio 2006 * Hawk's Cay Resort

Duck Key, Florida
March 30 - April 9


Florida Life

We arrived safe and sound late Friday afternoon to warm and sunny weather. The trip went very well for a 30 hour bus trip. I rode with the chaperone families in the second bus as well as took my turn around 3:30 am on Friday morning to drive the smaller SPV bus that contained our supplies and pulled the pontoon boat.

After a supper of pizza, we gathered in the conference room for a welcome by the Hawk's Cay Resort management as well as staff introductions and instructions by Carl. Everyone seemed ready to get settled into the villas and looked forward to laying on a bed for sleep.

Saturday morning, the work began. As you may have noticed, I didn't updated the website on Sunday or Monday. I almost didn't get to it today. I volunteered to participate in more excursions this year as an educational chaperone and our villa is an eating group, so my time has been full as well. I will try to get more photos up, but since I must travel across the resort to the conference center to upload the web pages, the updates are a bit sporatic.

Everyone seems in good spirits; who wouldn't be with sunny temperatures in the mid 80's. A couple of students are getting a little too much sun, however, the chaperones are checking on the students at every meal to make sure they are staying healthy. The students are around quite a bit studying, so we are able to keep tabs on them frequently.

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