Mild Disabilities Department

Shared Values

  • We want each student to feel and be valued.
  • We want each department member (teacher/paraprofessional) to be actively involved in the improvement process.
  • We want each student completing his/her educational program with us to be prepared for the “next level experience” and prepared for his/her community.
  • We want to become a stronger department by recognizing our strengths and weaknesses, accepting our roles, and valuing the roles of others in an open comfortable environment where needs, concerns, and differences are communicated.

Instructors & Classes taught

Laura Denman – Co-Department Chair; Basic Skills, Health, & Math

Jill Hackleman – Co-Department Chair; English Read 180 & Math

Cyrus Dubash – Social Studies

Danielle Dubash – Math

Karen PfahlerLife Skills

Jacqueline Jones – Independent Living Skills

Joel Kratzer– STRIVE

Libby Morrical – Basic Skills 

Eva Pickard – English Read 180

Angie Richardson – English Read 180

Sean Smuts – Life Skills

Kelsey Waidelich – Science

Through the Person-Centered Planning process, we developed what we call our :

North Star Goal

Every student will be connected to some resource – post high school employment, vocational rehabilitation, life skills program, technical/trade school, college, etc…

Not only is our North Star Goal beneficial to our students, it also coincides with Goshen High School’s “School of One”

Learn about the book written by Goshen High School’s Administrators and Teachers

“Becoming a School of One: One School’s Journey” – SchoolOfOneBook