Statement of Philosophy

Art is a communicator of the times and the artist is one who visually addresses humanity. Within each person there is a degree of creativity that often times needs a spark to generate his or her potentiality. The art program should generate that spark to stimulate that creative communication. The creative attitude should enable a person to think and act as a self-confident individual. He or she must be exposed to historic and contemporary trends and artists, which in turn, should develop a cultural appreciation to the visual arts; even to the extent of collecting works of art and living in aesthetic harmony through a developed creative attitude, the student should be knowledgeable toward available mediums and proficient in creative tools favorable to art activities and the finished product. The ultimate goal of an art program should be to expand one’s horizons of ability, appreciation, and knowledge of art.


Vision Statement

The Business and Marketing Department will develop an engaging and challenging project-based curriculum for all K–12 students. We will focus on life skills, information technology proficiencies, problem solving, critical thinking, employability skills, and career preparation.

Statement of Philosophy

Business Education provides instruction in the areas of basic business education, occupational education and computer education.

Basic business education is a vital part of the individual’s development as a worker, consumer, and citizen in the American business system and as a lifelong learner in managing their own personal business and financial affairs.

Occupational education develops individuals with positive work habits, interpersonal communication, and the ability to search and compete for entry level jobs and physical skills necessary for entry level employment.

The use of computers in our daily lives and in the work place continues to grow. Therefore, all students will learn basic keyboarding and computer skills. Technology impacts all citizens, and our students must be prepared to live and succeed in a ever-changing technological environment.

Cooperative Education

As global competition and technological change continues to impact business requirements, the workplace is being constantly transformed and worker skills continually redefined. Students at Goshen Community Schools are given an opportunity to better equip themselves for their careers and to make themselves more workplace ready by participating in Cooperative Education.

Engineering Technology Department

We are living in an ever-changing technological society. In order for our students to keep pace with these new technologies and be able to make informed decisions about continuing education and career choices, the Engineering Technology Department utilizes hands-on, minds-on teaching and learning. Through the use of real life projects and assignments, the students become engaged in learning that allows them to take what they have learned throughout school and solve problems. Whether students are planning on furthering their education or pursuing a career directly out of school, we are helping to ensure student success by providing them with the knowledge and skills essential to being successful.


The English department believes the multifaceted study of English, which includes literature, speech, and composition, comprises the cornerstone of our students’ overall education. We believe that these skills greatly impact the future success of our students regardless of what their ultimate career choices may be. While recognizing that students learn at different levels and rates, the department affirms its responsibility to incorporate all elements of English study into every student’s individual course work.

English Learners (EL) Department

The EL (English Learners) Department at Goshen High School helps ensure the academic success of the more than 350 students who come from a home in which English is not the primary language. In a school represented by over 15 language groups, we employ two teachers, 6 collaborators, and an academic and attendance advisor who strive to ensure that all students acquire knowledge and apply skills – enhancing tomorrow’s opportunities.

Family and Consumer Sciences

Our Family and Consumer Sciences Department (FACS) offers a wide variety of life skills courses. The main content areas include, but are not limited to, Child & Human Development, Nutrition & Wellness, Career Development, and Textiles. We provide many practical applications to these courses including a working childcare facility and hands on lab experiences in Nutrition as well as Textiles.

Health Education

The Department of Health Education at Goshen High School offers three medical/health related courses:

  • Health Education is a course taken by all students as a graduation requirement. The course features many teaching strategies to help students learn the long-term benefits of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Advanced Health is offered to juniors or seniors who have an interest in a medical career. The course features basic anatomy and physiology as well as medical terminology. Advanced Health is a dual credit course with IVY Tech. Students may earn three college credits upon successful completion of this course.
  • Health Careers Internship/Mentorship is offered to juniors or seniors. This course provides an opportunity to earn credit while learning about a medical career at a hospital or other medical setting.

IB – (International Baccalaureate)

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is a demanding, two-year program of curriculum and service that meets the needs of highly motivated secondary students. The Diploma Program offers a comprehensive and integrated approach to learning that prepares students for rigorous assessments in six subject areas during grades 11 and 12. Students must also complete a minimum of 150 hours in Creativity, Action, and Service activities,a 4,000-word essay of original research, and a Theory of Knowledge course. The International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) awards its diploma to students who perform successfully on the six external examinations and fulfill all other requirements of the program at an authorized IB world school. It is recognized as the highest diploma currently offered by any high school in the world.


Modern Technology is changing the workplace, home, and daily life at a rapid pace. As computer computers open frontiers of ideas once beyond exploration, mathematics has an unprecedented potential for people understanding the world.

We recognize that mathematics education is more than the rote learning of rules. Students must be asked to investigate to conjecture and reason logically as well as to use a variety of mathematical methods effectively to solve non-routine problems. Our curriculum should provide an opportunity for students to gain expertise, and our educators set high, but reasonable, expectations for all students.


The music department is comprised of an extensive band, choir, and orchestra program.  Performing groups include five bands, four orchestras, and five choirs providing a wide range for student abilities and musical styles.

Our performing groups have been state and nationally ranked in instrumental and choral areas. The music department also offers classes in Applied Guitar and Music Theory.  Advanced independent study is available in a variety of music areas for students interested in pursuing music as a profession.

Physical Education

The physical education department at Goshen High School is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life by promoting creative and active lifestyles through meaningful physical activity and fitness experiences. Our motto is, “It’s never too late to PAR –ticipate.” (PAR = Physical Activity and Recreation).


The Goshen High Science Department believes that science is a rational method that is used to describe the principles that operate in nature. All high school students should be given the opportunity to develop their abilities to use this scientific approach to understand and appreciate the world in which we live, and to responsibly use this knowledge to become productive members of an ever changing technological world.

Social Studies

The Social Studies Department believes that learning and human growth is the goal of education. The primary purpose of studying social studies is to contribute to the growth and development of human beings, individuals, and members of society.

The concern of social scientists is with humankind as an individual, as a member of a variety of groups, and as a member of the enormously complex community of life in its environment. Social studies must also pay critical attention to the values that govern human behavior, and in particular, those that govern behavior in our own society. Through the process, each student should develop and internalize his or her own value system.

Special Education

The Goshen High School Special Education Department provides a continuum of services for students who are identified as students with special needs under Indiana Article 7. These services are provided through functional skills classrooms, resource rooms, collaboration with general education classrooms, and consultation with general education instructors.

The intricacies of our present society along with rapid technological changes in industry mandates that the Special Education program furnish a curriculum, which will meet the individual educational as well as the vocational transition needs of our students.

Student Services

The Student Services department at GHS consists of:

  • School Counseling provides academic and career guidance for students.
  • Student Assistance helps students prevent or alleviate problems that interfere with student learning.
  • School Health Services addresses student health issues.

World Languages

The purpose of foreign language instruction at Goshen High School is to prepare young people to become culturally sensitive, communicatively competent, and globally responsible travelers, students and/or workers in the societies and cultures in the world; to give students a foundation on which to base further study; to interact positively and more effectively with the native speakers they meet and work with in this country, and to evolve more of those capabilities needed to become economically, culturally, and socially productive citizens of Indiana, the United States, and the world.