Crimson Jazz Band Honored at Purdue Jazz Fest

Congratulations to the Crimson Jazz Ensemble, who received honors at the Purdue Jazz Festival.

From their director, Josh Kaufman: There are 120 groups that performed at the 2018 Purdue Jazz Festival.  They have 7-8 different performance locations with 15-18 groups performing in each location.  In each performance room, there are 3 judges who score each group on a rubric and also provide recorded comments. The Crimson Jazz Ensemble meets during school (3rd period) 3 times a week. It is the second jazz band at GHS, the younger and less experienced group. In the room that we performed in at the Purdue Jazz Fest, there were 15 groups that performed, mostly 2nd bands and also a couple first bands from smaller schools.In each performance location, they give awards to the top three placing bands.  The Crimson Jazz Ensemble received the highest score in their performance location, and therefore received the “Honor Band” distinction, or first place trophy. This is a first for Goshen.  It is the first time a Goshen groups has won the “Honor Band” distinction.

(At GHS, during their class period.)

Nice job, Crimson Jazz Ensemble!