3-13-17 Board Recognition

Board Recognition for March 13, 2017

GMS student Sam Stoltzfus and teachers Brandi Sapp and Joe Vance:

Joe Vance, Sam Stoltzfus, Brandi Sapp

Felipe Merino, Brandi Sapp, Joe Vance, Sam Stoltzfus, Diane Woodworth

This GMS class project was featured on an ABC57 News “Cool Schools” segment, after the class planned and completed an authentic, engaging genetics project for their New Tech class. Click on the link below to see the news video.


Sam explained that her sister has a genetic disorder, so the project was very personal for her. She said that she has been researching Down’s Syndrome, and felt lucky to be able to share some of what she has learned. She hopes that she will get people to “see beyond the genetic disorder, and see the person”. Sam even led a workshop on the topic for her fellow classmates.

Donna Sherck and “Bo”:

Donna Sherck, Felipe Merino, Diane Woodworth

Donna and her dog “Bo” were recognized for creating excitement and interest in an after-school reading and writing program. Donna runs the group on a volunteer basis, and GMS students may participate if they choose to do so. She shared a video of the program, showing students reading, hanging out with friends, petting the dog, writing, and sharing snacks. She also shared information about how the students’ NWEA test scores grew significantly after participation in the reading program.

Student Winners in the Music Education Competition:

Sean Patrick, Nathan Berkey, Sam Stoltzfus, Felipe Merino, Daniel Elizalde, Diane Woodworth (not pictured, Joshua Schrock)

Winning their category in the 2016 Indiana Music Education Association Composition Competition:

Nathan Berkey—High School Orchestra; Piece: The Magistrate’s Arrival

Sam Stoltzfus—Middle School Chamber; Piece: Battle Shore

Daniel Elizalde—Middle School Orchestra; Piece: Pluckish Dysphoria

Joshua Schrock—Middle School Arranging; Piece: Theme from Fallout 4

Those in attendance at the board meeting got to hear audio of each of the impressive arrangements composed by the students. Orchestra director Sean Patrick stated that all GCS students are given an opportunity to compose music, but much of the work has to be done on their own time. The students reported that they spent anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months working on their compositions. There were four GCS students who entered the competition, and each one won their category. Congratulations, students!