2017 Life Skills Prom

GHS Life Skills Prom, April 20, 2017

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

Today was the annual GHS Prom for local Life Skills students. This event began several years ago when a Life Skills teacher advocated for her students to experience the same excitement and anticipation of prom as every other high school student. Since that time it has become an annual event, and it is a favorite for many students and staff at GHS.

Students from Northridge, Northwood, Concord, and the Goshen Young Adult Program joined the GHS class for a catered lunch, followed by  pictures in a photo booth, and dancing. The photo booth and music was provided by Epic Events (Ross and Heidi Elias) who provided their services at a reduced cost, and were absolutely wonderful to our students.

The prom is planned by the GHS student council and their sponsor, Guidance Counselor Jaimie Pierce. Ms. Pierce said that the student council volunteers by putting up decorations, serving the meal, helping with the photo booth, and making sure everyone has someone to dance with, and is having a great time. She said there were also students beyond the student council who volunteered to help because they know the Life Skills students and they wanted to help make their day special.


As you may be able to tell from the pictures, a very good time was had by all of those in attendance. Thank you to everyone who made this day a day worthy of the weeks and months of anticipation. We are already looking forward to next year!