Spanish Trip – June 29-July 1

These are our last days in Flamingo. On Friday, students completed their classes and said goodbye to their teachers once again. This time though, CPI had setup a nice little graduation for the students, where they received certificates of completion and a slide show of pictures from CPI. We then took off to celebrate the end of classes at the beach.

On Saturday, we visited two new beaches close to Flamingo. It was a nice relaxing day and the weather was great. We said goodbye Sunday morning and made our way back to San Jose. Sunday we had a lot of free time to get last minute souvenirs and hang out. We also said goodbye to our awesome driver, Rodrigo.

Tomorrow we are white-water rafting all day so students are pretty excited. We leave Tuesday very early in the morning. Students are sad to leave but also eager to get home and see family and friends. It’s been a blast! Students have made some great memories and learned a lot about so many different things in the Costa Rican culture. We are savoring our last hours of Costa Rica 2012 now, so I better go.

Thanks for following our blog, I hope you’ve enjoyed the updates and pictures. Until the next adventure this is Joel Gonzalez signing off. Pura Vida!

Spanish Trip – June 28

We have been really lucky with the weather lately. After classes students have enjoyed playing ping pong and relaxing by the pool and the sun has been out everyday. Today after classes we took a little drive north to go mountain biking. Little did we know how intense it would be. The trails were pretty advanced mountain biking trails, but we still had a great time and the views were spectacular on the coast. We managed to see some monkeys and a pretty big rattlesnake that no one wanted to get too close to. Enjoy the pictures!

Spanish Trip – June 27

Sorry for the lack of updates, we’ve had some internet trouble.

Every Wednesday students have time in the mornings to journal about their experience in a new culture. I have included some of Luke’s journal entry from this week.

“This trip has been really fun trying new things. So many things that I don’t really want to do but I end up liking them. Like the canopy tour, that was tons of fun. All the food has been great and I haven’t regretted trying any of it. Being uncomfortable meeting new families and trying to get to know them has been a great experience. This whole trip is definitely something that has made me mature more.”


Today is also Maddie’s 17th birthday so we celebrated with some great cake!